A new year is here!!!

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Wow,  it is already the middle of January! Is it just me or is this year already going by fairly fast?

I know I probably speak for most of us when I say,  goodbye 2020! Good riddance! Between the pandemic,  the politics,  and the general crappiness of last year,  I am more than ready for some good things this year. 

With that in mind,  I do want to start the year off with a promise.  There will be more posts from both Nana Bear and myself.  We will have new products within the next month.  And,  as I have been asked several times,  there will even be a YouTube channel at some point,  to show the stitches that we are using.  I am a left-handed crocheter,  so I think the way that I do things might be a little easier to follow than some other videos I have seen.  Maybe... We will see.  

And,  as always,  we love to hear from you.   What do you want to see more of this year? Different blankets? More accessories such as cozies,  coasters,  hats,  gloves,  etc? Do you have a pattern or stitch you want us to highlight,  do a video on,  or make something custom for you? 

For now,  I will sign off with this last thing... This year is going to be about moving forward.  For our little family,  for our small business,  for everyone. 

Happy crocheting,  Mama Bear